Meryem Ersoz


Meryem Ersoz comes to producing by way of a background in cinematography. Her work has appeared on NOVA, Comcast Entertainment Channel, Versus, and Lifetime. She has worked on major commercial shoots for companies such as Audi/Ducati, Conoco, and Wendy's. She has also shot footage for major nature and wildlife documentaries, including Lion Ark and Ice Age Death Trap. She worked on Jason Mraz' music video 93 Million Miles as a data wrangler for an 11-camera shoot, one of Colorado's largest multi-cam shoots. She reinvented herself as a feature film producer in 2009 and has produced three films since that time, including Legacy of the Tengu starring Louis Mandylor and James Lew), Mind’s Eye (starring Natalie Distler, Dean Cain, and featuring Malcolm Mcdowell), and Teddy Boy. In the spring of 2013, she worked as production supervisor for Dear Eleanor, a feature film starring Jessica Alba and Luke Wilson and directed by Kevin Connolly, from the television series Entourage.  She is currently working on a slate of new films which she hopes to bring to Colorado.